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Twenty Feelings
Nov 28, 2021
2 minutes read

I just turned 20! I feel blessed, a little sad and scared all at the same time.

I took a look at an old journal and saw a couple of goals I was supposed to achieve before I turned 20 that are still unaccomplished — I feel a little sad.

I received an email from a cool company, moving me to the final stage of their interview process. Was this another futile interview process?[1]. I’m running out of money. I have been living on my savings from about six months ago. What would happen when it’s exhausted and I have no money to live on? — I feel scared.

I went to my parent’s couple days before my birthday. I spent my birthday preparing dinner with my sister(you should totally check out her blog, she’s amazing). I sat at the table together with my family, I think about how much I love them& how good God has been to us — I feel blessed.

  1. Yes, It was another futile interview process.


I turned 20, on the 6th of October. I was going to publish a full year in review-esque blog post, However, I wasn’t really feeling it. I just got a notification on my phone reminding me I was meant to complete & publish the birthday post. I most likely wouldn’t put it out, but I felt it would be cool to write something short, expressing how I felt on my birthday. Something my future self to read.

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