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Embracing the chaos
Nov 2, 2021
2 minutes read

I like to make plans. Not the type of plans you make knowing you wouldn’t execute. I make plans hoping to execute them. I love structure. I’ve noticed I tend to gravitate towards situations that are more likely to provide some level of structure. I love, love, love the feeling I get whenever I make plans — not just whenever I make plans but when I see other people do stuff in a structured manner. I create routines, I go out of my way to ensure I follow these routines closely.


The universe is chaotic. Thinking about the universe at a high level of abstraction, I view the universe as a scrambled Rubiks cube — various colourful moving pieces but essentially still beautiful as a whole[I’ve been learning to speed-cube]. The universe has a way of fucking up those ultra-sexy plans you make over and over again. As someone who makes lots of plans and loves structure, I often feel awful whenever the universe does its thing — mess up your plans. In most cases, the execution of my plans is dependent on factors beyond my own control.

You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing - Alan Watts

My coping mechanism for the huge pile of chaos the universe throws in my face is by embracing the chaos. I have learned to embrace the chaos. It’s ok if things do not go as planned. This mindset has made me shift focus from the mechanics of how I achieve a goal to the goal itself. The chaos is ok, I can work with that as long as I achieve the aforethought goal. I am embracing the chaos.

shout out to Tosin Okewole for reviewing the draft for this.

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