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Carbon Log 1
Jan 20, 2023
3 minutes read

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet, While most of that can be attributed to my day-to-day job of being an SWE, I still manage to spend my free time lurking on HackerNews, Youtube and more recently, Instagram. I love the internet.

One of my favourite YT channels is Cut! Towards the end of 2022, I had the idea to create something. Something that includes a YT channel like CUT tailored to a young African audience. Last night, While on a call with a friend & collaborator on this project, I reflected on why I like Cut videos so much and want to model the YT component of this project after it — The quality of the production and the unifying component to it. one of their Videos I like particularly is one where they had republicans and democrats play truth or drink.

Tosin inspired me to make the move towards executing the idea for the YT channel “sub-project”. I reached out to Chineye, with whom I’d often bounced ideas about YT stuff, to come on board and partner with me. She helped refine the rough idea for the channel and asked me important questions to help us both understand my vision for the channel. Later on, Osas joined the team. Just like me, he likes the internet and brings an interesting perspective to the group.

We are shooting two videos for the channel, next Saturday(you are invited to show up, btw, send a DM for the details). In the first video, people guess other people’s college majors, in the second video, pairs of best friends answer a couple of interesting questions or do shots. With Chineyes help, we were able to find a studio space that I think is perfect for the cut like videos. I am still in Negotiation with the studio manager, but right now, we are being charged #150,000 for the two videos. This price is inclusive of studio space and shooting of raw footage and is slightly above my budget. I hope there is a bit more flexibility on the price — Got any studio/videographer recommendations? Reach out.

While I am optimistic that this “something” project will generate revenue, I recognize that the YouTube component of it may not immediately bring in any profits. However, I aspire for it to eventually generate enough revenue to cover production costs and provide consistent payments to my collaborators. I have referred to the project as “Something” so far because I am still in the process of figuring out what it is.

I am quite curious to see how the YT channel comes out. I am a bit anxious about it. This is a fun “passion” project and while in the past two days, I haven’t had much fun working on it, I do hope I get back the excitement I had initially when thinking of producing a YT channel.

This is the first entry in the Carbon Channel logs. I will provide updates on the progress of the channel in the upcoming days, leading up to the shoot and in the aftermath.

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