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About Me

Hey there 👋🏼 I am Oluwatobi - most people call me Toby. I am a software developer, solving problems around group spending at Split. At the moment, I am currently interested in[/learning about] distributed [storage] systems, data structures & algorithms. Also, I am actively searching for a new role - ideally one where I get to write a shit ton of code in Golang & work on interesting/meaningful problems. (Remote too). Are you hiring, got any leads or just want to wish me luck on my job search? Shoot me an email. You could take a look at my portfolio.

About This Space

“Metaverse” seems to be the latest new buzzword in the world of tech. I am unsure about the correct usage of the word - as I can’t seem to find any concise definition of the word, but I like to think of this space as a metaverse, my metaverse.

Recently, I came across a bunch of amazing personal blogs(Which I list out in the blogroll section) & felt inspired to create one.

I have to un­der­stand the world, you see. — Richard Feynman

Here, I plan to scribble my thoughts about things I find interesting in the world of programming, science, literature & philosophy while exploring my curiosity.

  • I dislike newsletters, If you would like to stay up to date with happenings on this blog, I have included an RSS feed.
  • I use GoatCounter to track page views and get a bit of analytics for this blog. GoatCounter is an open-source web analytics platform, NONE of your personal data is tracked.
  • Disabled comments, got feedback or wanna say hi? Shoot me an email.